Pressure and Temperature Fields obtained with PSP/TSP technology are widely used for CFD verification and otherwise CFD results provide possibility adequately interpret complex pressure fields on the model surface.

PSP measurements can be started with preliminary CFD estimations where it is possible. It gives chance to adopt PSP system parameters to the phenomenon under study.

ISSI offers two CFD packages workable on the same computer platform like PSP/TSP system and having the same graphical user interface:

¡°Digital Wind Tunnel¡±_3D Euler Solver plus 3D mesh Generator

¡°Creature¡±_2D Navier-Stokes Solver

Comparison between PSP (blue, Bi-Luminophore PSP) and CFD (red, panel method) Cp distributions on the centerline of the oscillating wing, Ma=0.3, angle of attack range ¡¾10¡É

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