The goal of the OMS-software-package development is to create a high-performance, comprehensive, and easy-to-use set of data-processing tools for pressure-field measurements by Pressure-Sensitive-Paint (PSP) Technology. An additional aim is to create an interface between experimental and CFD approaches. This interface is based on a common hardware environment, a common method, and algorithms for model-geometry description and data presentation.

PSP technology requires extremely sophisticated image-processing techniques. In addition to standard digital image-processing routines, the user must have a set of specific algorithms for converting input data in pressure fields that are mapped to a real three-dimensional model surface. These pressure fields, in combination with a model-geometry description, are the basis for actual pressure-field presentation and calculation of aerodynamic loads acting on the model. The basis of the OMS PSP software package is a set of programs written in C++ language for the Windows-98 (2000, NT) environment on PC-compatible machines. This approach provides the possibility to re-arrange the software in accordance with the development of PSP technology and associated image-acquisition systems. The main components of the OMS 3.0 Software Package are: ProImage - 2D image processing, 2D-3D data transfer ProField - 3D image processing ProGraph - 3D mesh generation and modification
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