Optical output:
UV (395nm) Blue (464nm) Green (520nm)
Half width:
20 nm 30 nm 40 nm
Output power:(2 in.)
0.32 W 0.25 W 0.125 W
(4 in.) 1.43 W 0.90 W 0.560 W

PSP/TSP measurements require very stable and bright light sources, with specified narrow-band-spectrum output. Output power should be sufficient to provide short exposure time, even for large or real scale models.

Specifications: General

Sturdy, black-anodized-aluminum housing.

Comes complete with optical filter, diffuser, power supply, manual, tools, and storage case.

Lamps are available in 2- and 4-in. sizes. (76 LEDs and 341 LEDs, respectively).

Standard lamps are for continuous-output operation, but pulsers are available for each size. These pulsers can be easily installed in the field.

Lamps are modular to allow easy change of circuit modules, which allows the wavelength to be changed to any available LED wavelength.

Continuous-output lamps (dc)

Lamps are shipped with a 10-deg diffuser as standard; other diffusers are available. (20 and 30 deg). Directivity of lamp emission without diffuser is a 15-deg half angle (produces a 4-ft-dia. circle at 8-ft distance). DC output noise is < 0.5% peak to peak.

Long-term stability is ~ 1.0% after 5 min, 0.1% after 20-min operation.

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