Must be cured at room temperature for 3 hr (temperature sensitivity is ~ 0.5%/C relative to 20C value). Curing at 65C for 15 - 30 min is recommended (temperature sensitivity is ~ 0.4%/oC relative to 20C value).

Pressure Sensitivity: ~ 6%/psig at 1 atm.

Time Response: ~ 0.3 s.

Stability: Shelf life is 1 yr; photo-degradation is ~ 1%/hr). Must be extensively shaken and preferably sonicated before spraying. Recommend 7-9 coats for maximum intensity and pressure sensitivity. Exceeding 10 coats can compromise paint adherence.

Surface Properties: Smoother than standard FIB but relatively rough and brittle; can be scratched off with fingernail. Hydrophobic and not sticky. Thickness estimated at 10 ? 15 mm.

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