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1978년 세계 최초로 고속 전자식 압력 스캐닝 시스템을 개발, 공급하는 회사로서 국내의 많은 국방 및 항공 관련 연구소는 물론 세계의 유수한 항공기, 자동차 관련 연구소에서, 이 회사에서 개발한 시스템을 사용중에 있음.

◆ 응용분야 : 터빈 및 엔진연구, 터보머신 테스트, 풍동 테스트, 항공기 비행 테스트, 자동차 테스트 etc…..

◆ PSI 는 지난 1996년 캐나다의 대표적인 system Integrator인 MDS Aero support corporation사 를 통하여 영국의 대규모 터빈 제조사에 252 Ethernet-Based pressure scanning system을 공급하였다.

PSI and MDS Team for UK Turbine Project Model : 9000 series Ethernet-Based Systems
In December of 1996, Pressure Systems was contracted by MDS Aero Support Corporation,
a Canadian systems integrator based in Montreal,
to supply a modified version of its proven 9000 series Intelligent
Pressure Scanners to meet the stringent requirements of their customer,
a major UK Turbine manufacturer.
The contract called for the delivery of 252 Ethernet-based pressure scanners and
custom calibration system to perform annual span calibrations on the scanners.
The overall project was one of the largest ever taken by MDS and
involved an extremely aggressive schedule.
The complete system, including PSI’s scanners,
had to be delivered by MDS to the UK and commissioned by September of 1997.
MDS began as a construction firm in 1985 supplying hush houses to the Canadian Department
of National Defense.

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